Bunker Partner is an integrated trading and shipping company, with energetic team, agile organizational structure, and solid reputation in global markets.

Marine Fuels Trading


Marine Fuels Trading

Marine Fuels and Lubricants Trading is the mainstay of Bunker Partner’s business. From the stage of fuel production to the delivery by barge, pipeline or truck; from contractual procedures to ecological and technical standards; from financing to hedging mechanisms – we control all aspects of vessel’s bunkering.

Shipping is in our DNA. We understand the importance of uninterrupted and safe operations at sea, and we continually work hard to deliver the best possible service to our clients – be it regional carriers or largest global shipping corporations, commodity traders, exploration vessels operators or private yacht owners.

Our trading teams in offices across the globe operate non-stop, 24/7/365. Feel free to contact us for advice on available options, price quotation and operational follow-up.


Other Services

We offer the following services and solutions.


All-inclusive service of brokering

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Risk Management

Identifying, assessing and controlling

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Cargo Trading

Cargo supply and trade of bunkers

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